How To Receive The Best Service Possible

Adrian Padina
3 min readFeb 24, 2020

A simple ‘hack’ to getting good service

As a hotelier for 30 years, I know a thing or two about service, be it good or bad. You see, service is a two-way ‘thing’.

I’ve seen it time and time again. Paying for good service is not enough, in a way you need to earn it. Yes, you heard that right.

Let’s start by defining good service, which I believe is getting more than what you expect, more than what you pay for. If I go to a 3* hotel, I expect 3* service; yet when I receive 5* service at the same hoteI I am happy, my expectations have been surpassed.

More difficult is exceeding a 5* service when I go to a 5* hotel, yet this is entirely possible. The best hotel companies believe in empowerment, a very powerful word that allows employees to go the extra mile to satisfy each and every guest…or at least in reality, each and every guest that deserves it!

We’ve all seen it, the demanding guest who likes to shout and demand service, which he normally achieves. And then there’s the lovely couple who chat with the staff, are not demanding, yet the staff bend over backwards for them. These are the clever guests.

A while back whilst travelling long-haul and waiting to check in, I heard the person in front of me giving a hard time to the very courteous female attendant. The flight was overbooked and it looked as if we were not going to get on. After shouting and threatening behaviour by my fellow passenger, it was my turn. Before the now nervous attendant could say anything, I smiled and told her that I was not going to be difficult and would wait to see what would happen.

After 20 minutes we both made it onto the flight, but I was upgraded to Business and the guy who was before me, was left in Economy. She had the power to give a good service and she decided to give it to me as I was nice to her.

The demanding guest will get what he or she pays for, nothing more. The nice guest gets extra. More TLC, more attention, a more personalized service.

Receptionists get a hard time when a room is not ready upon check-in, some guests do not understand that at times the previous guest has left late and the room has to be made up, and no amount of…



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