Egypt Camera Dilemma

Adrian Padina
4 min readFeb 27

Which camera to take with me on my trip.

Photo by Mo Gabrail on Unsplash

My wife and I are going to Egypt next week, I’ve booked the flights, hotels and tours. Research done, checked the do’s and don’ts, visas and cash sorted.

That was the easy part, now I must decide which camera to take with me.

You see, this is a cultural trip, a personal photographic journey, and I prefer to travel light. No getting up super early to catch the first glows of sunrise on the banks of the Nile, that’s for a possible photo trip in the future.

However, I do enjoy taking photos and will be certainly carrying a camera with me. The pyramids, Luxor and Cairo bazaar just beckon to be photographed properly, irrespective of the time of day or night.

I bought into the Panasonic Lumix system some time ago when in 2017 I bought the Lumix FZ1000 bridge camera with its 1-inch sensor. Great camera, great zoom range of 25–400mm equivalent. It’s served me so well, and don’t be put off by the sensor size nor the fact that the lens cannot be changed; with that zoom range, why would you want to?

Taken on the FZ1000. Not bad for a 1-inch sensor!

Fast forward to 2022, when I bought the Lumix S5. Beast of a camera for its price, and while it’s known for its video capabilities, I use it mainly for stills. I bought it with the 20–60mm zoom and 85mm, 1.4 prime. Again, extremely happy with the results especially with its dynamic range, high ISO and low light capabilities.

Thinking of this trip, I ordered the Lumix 24–105mm, but Amazon tells me that the order got stuck somewhere and had to be returned, so sadly it won’t arrive in time.

Jubail Fishmarket, taken with the S5

I take photos for myself, I do post in Instagram and Smugmug for anyone interested and have sold some prints via Wirestock, but not much more.

So, here’s the thing I’m asking myself: which camera do I take?

In terms of quality, is there such a difference to warrant taking the S5 over the bridge? Pixel peepers will tell…

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